Are you interested in a modern and powerful e-Library?

Swissconsortium provides you with a broad service reaching from arranging licenses and controlling access up to customer support. Any institution needing an efficient and cost-effective e-Library can profit from this service.

Get the most out of the money you spend on online resources!

Swissconsortium works as a Not-for-Profit Organization. Swissconsortium acts as a center of excellence on behalf of the participating institutions. We aim to support you in the organization and the use of digital information products.


Swissconsortium gives you the flexibility to sign only the licenses you really need. Pay as you need.

Remote access

We provide you with browser-based remote access, to your online resources within the scope of the publisher's license agreements. There are no special requirements for your local IT. There is no need for any local installations.


Access your journals with a single click from reference databases such as Pubmed. Swissconsortium connects your online resources in all common databases through a linkresolver.


Swissconsortium provides support for your staff with regard to using the e-Library.